Prieska Power Reserve

Contributing to
South Africa’s green economy

Contribution to GDP

R82 billion
to the GDP.

Green Ammonia Exports will result in an more than $10,5bn contribution to SA’s Balance of Payments .


Black & female industrialists
within the manufacturing space will be developed as a result of the project.

Local content procurement Support localisation and procurement of local solal PV components for up to 500MWp Solar PV and 1 500MW Wind Plant components.

Small Business Development

It is expected that a total of 300 new small businesses will be developed majority being black-owned.

Job Creation
Job years are expected.

Skills Development

Opportunity for both skilled and non–skilled labourers.

The main impact of the project is expected to be directed towards women & youth.

Upskilling of 16 500 people
is expected over 30 years.


Stable Electricity supply

Reduced power outages

Reduced Greenhouse gas emissions

Disposable income and Higher wages

The general standard of living

Green Entrepreneurs

Increased market activity

Promoting entrepreneurship

Transformation in current market

Increased competition

Increased manufacturing activity


Increased market penetration by:

Increase in black & female industrialists.

It is expected that a total of black & female-owned green infrastructure providers.

It is expected that a total of Skills providers.

It is expected that a total of Skills providers.

Revived manufacturing sector.


Job creation

Reduced resource demand and greenhouse gas emission

Increase in skills base