Prieska Power Reserve

Project Sponsor Overview

Mahlako is an infrastructure investment, asset management and advisory company founded by two South African Black Women, who are Chartered Accountants.

We are co founders and directors of the Black Energy Professionals Association.

Over 100 years combined experience

Advised on landmark  energy projects in excess of R5 billion and managed  over R4 billion in funds.

Solar PV
182.5 MW under management.

140 MW of Wind developed.

Fully black women owned

and managed.

Launched a first of its  kind R1,75  billion

Energy Fund in 2021.

One of the first companies to participate and help develop South Africa’s REIPPPP and was part of the first project of the REIPPPP to be refinanced.

45% stake in flagship energy wheeling project providing power to Amazon Web Services data centre.

50% stake and developer in a landmark Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Plant in Prieska, Northern Cape, South Africa.  

Advised government on two renewable energy and resource efficiency based Strategic Infrastructure Projects – SIP 28 and 33.

The Prieska Power Reserve is a fully locally developed green hydrogen and ammonia project that will contribute significantly to catalysing South Africa’s role in the global green hydrogen revolution.

Project sponsor Overview

CENEC is a pioneering renewable energy company that was formed during the early years of South Africa’s renewable energy sector after the establishment of the REIPPPP.

CENEC has been involved in solving energy needs over the years through custom design build finance and manage solar and wind energy plants, green hydrogen production, energy storage solutions and asset tracking and management systems.

CENEC has also been involved in the pioneering renewable hydrogen projects, including a hydrogen demonstration project at a South African institution of higher education that explored an energy efficient building method for student residence, with on-site hydrogen production from solar PV, including storage capacity, and fuel-cell for peak shaving.

CENEC offers a fully integrated value proposition covering every aspect of the process from project inception to completion, serving the following industries; agricultural, commercial, industrial, educational institutions, micro-grid / residential and utility.

The Project, based in Prieska – the Northern Cape, will generate an initial 80 000 ton / annum of green hydrogen and ammonia starting in 2025, increasing to over 500 000 by 2030.

CENEC’s team of professionals has more than 100 years of combined experience in the energy
industry, across the various disciplines of:




sustainable development

industrial operations